Aka: Dani and Alex


Dani Zanoni and Alex Kerssen

It all started back when Dani and Alex met in high school, when Dani was a junior and Alex was a freshman. The choir director was putting on the annual “Cabaret Night” and Dani needed a bassist for the song she was planning to perform and Alex was recommended. They have been playing together ever since, and now have close to 100 cover songs in rep from all their gigs. Their rep ranges from Dani’s originals, to pop, rock, country and everything in-between.

Alex is an incredible musician. His main instrument is piano (Jazz in particular, studying at William Patterson University), but he also plays guitar, saxophone, bagpipes and clarinet. He always plays focused and with emotion, and really captivates the audience with his abilities. Alex’s musical skills always tie in his Jazz roots which give an extra element of originality to the music they play.

Having Alex along adds another level of fun and excitement to the sets, especially when they play together on Dani’s originals. After playing together for almost 6 years now, they have developed the best band member chemistry. Dani and Alex have such a great time performing together, and it shows!

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